10 songs to breast pump to

When I first heard the noise, I thought it was a figment of my imagination. After all, I was a week postpartum and sleep had packed its bags and left without warning.

But I kept hearing the noise over and over.

Could it be?


Could it?

“I swear my breast pump just said ‘breast pump’ to me,” I remember saying out loud to no one in particular.

I thought, ‘I just need to shake it off.’

My husband comes to the room where I’m pumping.

“It sounds like your pump is saying ‘breast pump’ over and over, ” he said.

If he heard it, that proved  I wasn’t losing my mind.  My breast pump was speaking to me and it was loud.

Loud is just one of several complaints women have when it comes to breast pumps.  After doing a quick web search, I found that I wasn’t alone.  Other women said they’ve heard their breast pump speak to them too, which you can read about hereand here .

To combat the “talking breast pump”, we’ve come up with a playlist of 10 songs that will get you pumped (get it?) and drown out the noise of the motor.

So, grab your breast pump and pump up the jams! This should last you for one pumping session.



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