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The Milk Bank Celebrates Black Breastfeeding Week


Black Breastfeeding Week falls on August 25-31. Why is there a specific week during National Breastfeeding Month dedicated to black families? Read the Top 5 Reasons blog post!

The Milk Bank Spotlight: Aimbriel Lasley

Find out more about Aimbriel Lasley, lactation consultant and breastfeeding advocate.

Tell us more about your professional background.
I am an IBCLC and also hold a Master degree in Health and Wellness Counseling. I work PRN at a local hospital as a lactation consultant.

What inspired you to become a breastfeeding advocate and lactation consultant?
I have four children but did not breastfeed my first.  After having my second child and taking a different route I opted to breastfeed.  Shortly after the second child, I had twins and had a successful breastfeeding journey with all three. However, along my journey I discovered barriers and misinformation about breastfeeding.  I wanted to help other mothers like me have a better experience.  Additionally, learning of our high infant mortality rate and the lack of support and representation in the field of lactation I had no other choice but to become an advocate.

Can you share a highlight of your volunteer work with Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition?
I have been involved with the coalition for about 9 years.  I have been fortunate to work with lots of moms as well as provide education and support.  Additionally, the coalition helped me with my first steps towards becoming an IBCLC by providing a scholarship to me in 2013 to take the CLC (Certified Lactation Counselor) course.

Why is this designated time so important?
This designated time is so important because the tradition of breastfeeding was lost in our culture.  Many moms in the black community do not see representation in breastfeeding within their healthcare system or in their immediate support circle.  Black Breastfeeding Week is an opportunity to show that black mothers DO breastfeed and that we CAN change the scope of our public health if we invest in each other and support each other.  We need to reclaim our roots and traditions of child rearing practices and breastfeeding is an integral part in that.



Chocolate Milk: The Documentary
Film Screening and Panel Event

The Milk Bank is pleased to partner with Indiana Breastfeeding Coalition and Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition in bringing the insightful film, Chocolate Milk: The Documentary, to Indianapolis during Black Breastfeeding Week. Join us for the film screening at Studio Movie Grill – College Park in Indianapolis, and stay for an informative panel discussion afterwards. More details will be shared soon on ticketing information!


Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition
Black Breastfeeding Week Celebration

Stay tuned for more information on this upcoming annual event, held by the Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition.

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