Katy’s NICU Story

Michael’s due date was 10/22/2018 and he was born on 8/14/2018… six weeks early and such a fighter.

Preeclampsia kicked him out of his safe home & sent him directly to the NICU.

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My body was under so much stress from all the events and being so sick, my breast milk didn’t come in for a couple of weeks.

Michael was in the NICU fighting hard and being so fierce. We were beyond thankful for The Milk Banks’s precious liquid gold for our tiny boy.

NICU life isn’t for the faint of heart…it’s noisy (scary alarms), nerve-racking, educational, and so tiring. Who wants to leave their baby there?

Tweet: NICU life isn’t for the faint of heart… (scary alarms), nerve racking, educational, and so tiring. Who wants to leave their baby there?  -Katy, whose son Michael was 6wks premature


Michael is now a bubbly 2 year old boy.  A BIG boy!  He’s 85% for height and 50% for weight!  We were able to celebrate BIG milestones at his first birthday as he just grew and prospered so well!  Michael is about to be a big brother and it’s my dream to be able to become a donor with The Milk Bank… but I also know who we will contact should the need arise for donor milk for this high risk pregnancy.

Our family still celebrates and talks about Michael’s NICU days and the support we felt from everyone & every organization. Babies are tiny little miracles and such fighters… their resiliency is mind blowing and magic.  The gift of breast milk is pure gold.  We are living proof!

-Katy Cummins



Our recipient families mean so much to us. We don’t always get to see updates on “our” babies and it means the world to us when we do! If you would like to share your story or possibly write a guest post for us like Katy did, please get in touch!

You can donate milk, time or resources to support our mission and help babies like Michael get lifesaving donor milk!

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