Welcome to The Milk Bank

The Milk Bank believes that every baby deserves the very best health care outcomes

We envision a world where every baby has access to safe human milk.

Founded in 2005, The Milk Bank was established as a non-profit, community-supported entity to improve health outcomes for premature and ill babies, foster better health for children, and decrease health care expenditures. The Milk Bank receives human milk from carefully screened donors to pasteurize, freeze and distribute throughout the United States.


Our Mission

To save infant lives and improve health outcomes by providing access to safe human milk.  


Donors screened from 48 states to date


Hospitals and infants at home served in 25 states

breast milk donated

feedings dispensed to date


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Fiercely Mission-Driven

Our organization exists to unite people in urgently reducing infant mortality.  We believe that every baby deserves their best chance to survive and thrive through access to human milk.  We achieve our mission by leveraging community resources to support the safe collection and dispensation of human milk, education, advocacy, and research.  Together – through collective impact – we work to ensure all babies have the best chance to celebrate a first birthday.

Unwaveringly Inclusive

Every individual and every family deserves understanding, respect and dignity.  The Milk Bank values the power of diversity and seeks to create services and a culture that celebrates all stories.  Our organization is committed to dismantling barriers and addressing social determinants of health to ensure we support babies and families at the exact moment of need.

Uncompromising Champions of Science and Safety

We care deeply about each individual involved in the process of donating and receiving human milk. The Milk Bank adheres to strict safety guidelines that steer our donation, pasteurization, and dispensation processes.  As leaders in maintaining safe, evidence-based standards, The Milk Bank is committed to transparency, public health education, and the integration of research, science, medicine, and service.


“I was at home with all the lights off, in my pajamas, feeling sad. The woman on the other end of the line floored me. She spoke to me with such understanding and kindness and was generous enough to share her own personal bereavement story with me. I connected with her immediately and felt at once that donating my milk had a purpose.”

Our Anti-Discrimination Statement

As an anti-discrimination organization, The Milk Bank vows to purposefully identify, discuss and challenge issues of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, national origin, genetic status, and the impact(s) they have on our organization, our people and our mission. We strive to challenge ourselves to understand and correct the inequities we discover.

  • We are resolved to affirm our identity explicitly and publicly as an anti-discrimination non-profit organization.
  • We are resolved that our anti-discrimination commitment be reflected in the work and culture of the Milk Bank through our policies, programs, and practices.

Additionally, The Milk Bank is committed to addressing health disparities in breastfeeding and infant and maternal mortality. These disparities are a direct result of systemic racism as well as historic and ongoing oppression of marginalized groups. The Milk Bank will be vocal and active in support of improving health equity and access.”