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Behind the Scenes at The Milk Bank: A Look at the Lab

Behind the Scenes at The Milk Bank

What happens at a milk bank? How do hospitals and outpatient families know that donor milk is safe? Thanks to former Milk Donor Katie, a multi-media journalist at Hundred Fold Video we have an amazing behind the scenes look at the magic going on in our lab. Katie’s work was featured on Grotto Network.

Layers of Safety at The Milk Bank

For fragile babies, human milk is lifesaving. One ounce can provide up to three feedings for the tiniest NICU patients. In the NICU, when mom’s own milk isn’t available, hospitals can rely on a nonprofit milk bank – like The Milk Bank – to provide safe donor milk for their tiny patients and help improve health outcomes.  Layers of safety are in place to ensure that lovingly donated extra breast milk, can become a medical intervention that is safe for even the most medically fragile babies.

As a nonprofit milk bank, hospitals only pay a processing fee to help cover the cost of layers of safety. The Milk Bank also helps babies at home, and thanks to philanthropy, Medical Relief is available to recipient families with a medical need & financial need, cover these processing fees. We don’t think finances should impact a baby’s health outcomes.

Start the application to become a Milk Donor and help tiny tummies like these, with your extra liquid gold.

So who uses Pasteurized Donor Milk? Three of our donor milk recipient families want to share their stories with you.

How donor milk saved the day for Sonya’s NICU baby

Sonya shares her birth story and NICU experience. While she was in the ICU, donor milk made the difference for her son, Lyndon.

How donor milk gave peace of mind to mom Nichole during NICU stay

Second time NICU mom Nichole shares her donor milk experience. During a short NICU stay that overlapped with establishing her own breastmilk supply, donor milk made the difference for her son, Sid.

Nutrition critically important for outpatient baby, Mary Therese

At just 3 weeks old, Mary Therese underwent surgery for biliary atresia, a liver condition. Mary Therese’s mom, Terri, shares the importance of donor milk and financial support from The Milk Bank.

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