Bereavement Services

We give our deepest condolences for your loss. Lactation during such deep sorrow may bring a range of emotions – all valid.
Whether you need support with milk suppression, milk expression, or milk donation, we are here to support you.

Annabelle & Logan courageously share their daughter Campbell’s story. After their loss, Annabelle became a milk donor with The Milk Bank – saving other infant lives. “It was part of my healing process, to be honest with you.” The Poindexter’s welcomed their second child – a rainbow baby, Callahan – who was in the NICU and received pasteurized donor milk from The Milk Bank. Their full circle journey has led to enhanced services for bereavement families & reduced the isolation that can happen after a loss. We are so grateful they chose to be part of The Milk Bank family.

Lactation is often an overlooked part of pregnancy or infant loss. We are here to provide education and support around your choices. Our Bereavement Program is designed to honor your child, meet your unique needs as a parent, and help create connections that can strengthen you and your family as you grieve.

Bereavement Program at The Milk Bank

FREE LACTATION SUPPORT: Talk to a staff lactation professional in-person or virtually, about how to safely maintain or suppress your supply.

MILK DONATION: We offer two options when donating breast milk in memory of your child. The donation process begins with a pre-screen and a member of our Clinical Team will discuss your choices:

  • Donate your breast milk for research.
  • Complete the full donor approval process, including bloodwork, and donate your breast milk for fragile infants.

Bereavement Milk Donor families have the option to place a personalized, engraved leaf on our memorial tree, attend events specifically for our bereavement donor families, or request a private tour.

RESOURCES: We are here to help you access a pump if needed, and can suggest community & mental health supports. You do not need to be a donor to have these conversations. Please call 317-536-1670 and select zero to ask to talk to our Bereavement Coordinator.

EVENTS: Thanks to funding from several partners, we work with Mind-Body Medicine experts to provide free, virtual skills groups throughout the year. Designed to heal trauma and stress, these groups are just for parents who have suffered infant or pregnancy loss. Stay connected to be notified about future events.

On our blog, you can select bereavement stories to read & please consider sharing your own. We believe it is crucial to raise awareness and decrease stigma around this type of loss and all that it may entail, including lactation.

Donating in Memory

We’re here to make the donation process for a grieving family as seamless as possible.