Milk Bank Milk Depot locations

IMMB is continually looking for new locations to expand our Milk Depot program.  We currently operate 7 milk depots throughout the state, where donors can simply drop off human milk donations.  The amazing volunteers at these locations take care of transporting the liquid gold to our office in Indianapolis.  Check out our Milk Depot location page to find the depot nearest you!

Congratulations to our newest Milk Depot location at Memorial Hospital of South Bend!  We are currently in the process of opening our first two out-of-state depots in Chicago and Louisville.  Stay tuned for more information!

If you are a member of a hospital, clinic, or organization that is interested in being a Milk Depot location, please contact us at or by phone at 317-536-1670.  We provide the freezer, shipping boxes, and prepaid shipping labels – all that is asked of Milk Depot staff is the few minutes it takes per month to pack and ship human milk donations to us in Indy.