IMMB Board Member, Aly Schroeder, was recently featured in a video titled "What is Junior League of Indianapolis?"  IMMB has been involved with Junior League of Indianapolis since its inception and is excited to strength our relationship.  Aly recently joined our board after moving to Indianapolis from Evansville.  She is a mother of two children, Jackson and Charlie, and the chair of the Education, Outreach, and Promotion committee for IMMB.  (PS - I just had to include this amazing picture of her two boys...check them out on the right!)

We are very lucky to have a great board of directors who are all involved in great organizations throughout our community, like Junior League of Indianapolis.  They each bring new energy and expertise to the board, all with the goal of continuing the growth of IMMB.   It is due to their generous efforts that IMMB is as successful as it is today!