When Aimbriel Lasley asked if The Milk Bank would be interested in her raising money for fragile infants, she was met with an emphatic yes.

Since 2014, Lasley, owner of Purely Maternal and an IBCLC , has done something she calls her birthday quest. Instead of receiving gifts, she has opted to help others by raising money for organizations that have had an influence in her life. This year she chose The Milk Bank. 

Here is her story:

As I began to think about turning 30 in 2014, I wanted to celebrate in a different way.  I decided that I wanted to make a difference for others every year that I could. 

 I love to serve and have done so in various capacities, hence my birthday quest was born. This campaign has become one of the most rewarding moments in my life.  

This year during my fourth annual birthday quest, I chose The Milk Bank.  Breastfeeding became an intense passion for me when I had my second child. He was my first breastfeeding experience and I fell in love. 

Lasley set a goal of raising $550 for The Milk Bank, but she exceeded that by $16. 
With my campaign starting nearly 60 days after the holidays, it makes me nervous if I will reach my goal. This year I was extremely nervous as I went $100 above my previous year goal. 

 The past campaigns include Inward Bound, The Dayspring Center and Project Home Indy.

 Each year I choose a topic, organization, or a cause I feel strongly about. In the past four years, I’ve raised close to $2,000. 

I have a GoFundMe account that I utilize yearly and I use my social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and refer to my previous donors for funds (to raise the money). In the future, I hope to host a gala or other function to raise more funds. 

This has been such a rewarding experience and hopefully, it makes a difference. Each year I plan to go above and beyond.