By Olivia Cammack, December 2017

My name is Olivia Cammack, I am 29 years old and I was born and raised in Indianapolis. I studied Early Childhood Education/Child Development at Tennessee State University in Nashville and have worked as a nanny ever since college. I have always loved children and couldn’t wait to be a mother. I met my husband in January of 2014, we were married in June of 2017 and gave birth to our son in July of 2017. I was first diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in January of 2016 and was declared in remission in June of 2016. I was diagnosed with the same thing the second time in February of 2017 (also 3 months pregnant). To make a long story short, both the baby and I had a safe, healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery.  I breastfed our son for his first three weeks of life and then I had to begin cancer treatment once again. Before I had him, I always wanted to only give our son the most natural, healthy options (breast milk, homemade baby food, organic solid foods, etc.) so I couldn’t be more grateful for The Milk Bank and how they have provided for my son since I no longer can (due to the medicines being put in my body).

I feel it’s important to give my baby donor human milk because it gives him everything that he needs at such an early stage in his life. It gives him antibodies that help him fight off anything that he’s not supposed to have and will help keep him from getting sick while it’s life threatening. Also, there are so many bad things in formula. The main thing that stands out to me is sugar. I want my son to have as little sugar as possible because it is empty calories and can contribute to all kinds of diseases in his future.


It’s hard for me to put into words how much the gift of donor milk means to me. It means the world to me! I was devastated when I found out I would no longer be able to breastfeed my son especially because it was going so well. When my doula informed me of The Milk Bank I couldn’t stop crying tears of joy. I was so happy that there was another food option besides formula to give my newborn son.

People should support the mission of The Milk Bank because there are parents/caregivers out there who want to give their children the best life has to offer. As a newborn, babies need breast milk, but that’s not an option for some parents/caregivers. Whether it be medical reasons, adoption or premature babies (or many, many more) The Milk Bank gives us the opportunity to give our children exactly what they need even when we can’t. I appreciate The Milk Bank, it’s employees, volunteers, supporters and last but not least the mothers who donate the breast milk out of the goodness of their hearts tremendously and don’t know where I would be without them. You make the world a better place and so many of us are so grateful for all that you do! Thank you!