Pumping. We know it's hard work. We know it's not your favorite thing.  

We'd like to show you how just a few short steps can reduce the possibility of contamination.

  1. Before Pumping, wash and dry your hands.

  2. Express your milk into a CLEAN container that is designed for breast milk. A milk storage bag or bottle are best.

  3. PLEASE DO NOT OVERFILL MILK STORAGE BAG! We know your just trying to conserve as much space, time and money as possible but when we defrost an over filled bag it general has holes from where the milk expanded during freezing. That tiny hole can introduce contaminates into the milk.

  4. Refrigerate or freeze milk within 30 minutes of pumping. We know your pumping at work and will need to transport your milk home, please use an ice pack and cooler to do so.

  5. {Do we want to say something about combining multiple days worth of milk}

  6. Wash with warm soapy water and rinse the parts of your pump that touch your breast after each use. Wash or refrigerate all other parts. {How do we feel about Quick Clean Clothes?}

  7. Keep milk in the back of your freezer for no more then 6 months for a side by side or top freezer. {specific guidelines}