A Message for our Board of Directors

 By: John Countryman, IMMB Board of Directors Chair

The Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank was established a decade ago by our first chairperson, Mary Weber, and her fellow board members along with meaningful operational and financial support from IU Health.  Since that time, the Indiana Mothers Milk Bank has grown to serve children receiving care in most hospitals in the state of Indiana of many hospitals in our neighboring Midwestern states.  I have had the privilege of participating in the wonderful work of the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank for the past four years including serving as chair for three of those years.  During those four years many milestones have been realized including receiving our 1,000,000th donated ounce earlier this year dating back to our inception.  To put that number into perspective, we received just under 50,000 ounces in 2006, our first full year in operation.

The substantial growth in the number of children and families that we are able to reach is the result of the hard work and contributions of many individuals, including many of the readers of this message, and at this time of thanksgiving and holiday cheer, we thank you.  Thank you to our donor moms, our partner hospitals and their passionate staff, our milk depot partners, our recipient families, our financial contributors, our past and present board members, and last but certainly not least, our passionate, hard-working and committed staff. While we are organized as a not-for-profit organization, we view you (our donors, our recipient families and our professional partners) as our shareholders. Our staff and board work diligently to serve our existing and future shareholders by safely collecting, processing and dispensing the precious gift of a mother’s milk to improve the lives of our most fragile children.

On behalf a grateful board and staff, we thank you for your contributions and partnership throughout the first decade of our journey and look forward to celebrating our 2,000,000th donated ounce and improving many, many more lives in the years ahead.