Donor Profile: Kelli Buckley



How did you hear about donating your excess breast milk?

I asked the hospital (Central Baptist Lexington KY) about donating.  I pumped a little in the hospital for engorgement and had a few bottles there.  I told the lactation consultant they (the hospital) could keep it if they could use it, but she said they weren’t allowed too.  So I asked her how I could donate extra milk with this being my second child (since with my first I threw so much out ) and she told me about IMMB.


What happened that made you realize you had enough breast milk to share with babies in need?

With my first child, I had bags and bags of excess milk, but I didn’t know about donation and unfortunately, I ended up throwing out the milk I didn’t use.  Therefore, I thought there was a possibility of me having excess milk again with my second.  I always made sure I had plenty of milk in the freezer for my baby, but when things started getting crammed in our deep freeze I’d send a cooler to Mother Nurture/Baby Moon in Lexington.  My first donation was probably around the time my baby was 5 months old.


Was there anything unique about your pumping routine?

Pretty simple, I pumped when my baby would be eating if I was away from him.  I went back to work when he was 3 months old and would pump 3 times during the day (same times he would eat at the sitter).  The only extra time I pumped was in the middle of the night, about 3 a.m.  Once he started sleeping through the night I would still get up and pump so as to not be engorged in the morning when he ate.  That’s where a lot of the extra milk came from.  I didn’t have to even set an alarm, my body felt the fullness I guess and was telling itself to get up and pump!


Was your employer spouse supportive of you pumping/ donating?

Very supportive! Luckily, I have my own office at work so all I would have to do was close the door and lock it.  I actually put a stick it note on my door that said "pumping", that way no one would try to interrupt.  My boss (who is a man) was very supportive.  He kind of new around the times I was busy pumping and a lot of times would ask is this a bad time if he came to my office.  He would tell others that came to my door when it was shut that I was “being a mom.”

My husband was also very supportive and helped me drop off every load (yes one time I dropped off over 600 oz at one time).  With that much milk, I had to have his help.  He was also very supportive of me breastfeeding/pumping in general.  He put up with me being so a crazy about feeding my babies only the best!


Would you donate again?

Definitely!  It is so great to know that my milk helped babies in need.  I wish I could have done so with my first child.  My second child was born at 35 weeks, so from my understanding, some, if not all, of my milk, went to help preemie babies and that’s just awesome!


Please share anything you think others would relate to and THANK YOU!

I never dreamed I would have been able to donate over 1,300 ounces of breast milk and still feed my own baby…but I did!  This really and truly is one of my biggest accomplishments in life, to help others in need.  I’m not going to say it was easy breastfeeding and pumping all the time, it is very demanding, but I was blessed to be able to nourish my child and help nourish other babies as well.   And if the Lord decides to bless me with another child I hope that he blesses me with this ability again!