Lindsey breakout
Lindsey breakout

Support and determination are two words Lindsey Seitz can relate to. The first-time mom to 10-month-old son, Houston, said she didn’t know much about breastfeeding, let alone being a milk donor, but she was determined to do both.  

“After ten month of extreme dedication, very strict schedules, exhaustion, sad tears and happy tears—not to mention the first three months of begging my husband to let me give up—I am so proud to announce that as of today (April 3), I’ve made my first donation of breast milk to The Milk Bank of Indianapolis,” Seitz excitedly wrote in an email.

The Granger, Ind. mom was able to donate a total of 2,471 ounces, which will be given to hospitalized infants.

The Milk Bank talked with Seitz about her donor story and her determination to help sick babies.

The Milk Bank: How did you hear about The Milk Bank?

Lindsey Seitz: I would never sell my milk, but I would definitely donate it. Somebody actually shared a link (on social media) that there was a drop station. I just Googled The Milk Bank and I just decided to start doing it. I didn’t want to donate until I had an abundance.

TMB: What did your friends and family say when they found out you were going to be a milk donor?

LS: When family and friends found out I was going to donate they were super proud of me.  I have a super low pain tolerance and my parents thought I wasn’t going to be able to breastfeed at all because I’m quick to give up. I just remember being in the hospital and that (breastfeeding) was my number one goal.

TMB: How did you overcome your challenges of wanting to give up?

LS:  In the middle of the night I would wake up and beg to give up. Once I found my routine it started working.

TMB: What advice would you give to mom’s who are thinking about donating?

LS: ‘Why not?’ is the only thing I would say because if you have the opportunity and there’s extra milk to be able to donate, what else are you going to do with it? I almost feel selfish for quitting because there are so many babies out there that need, so why would I want to quit?

TMB: Given that you had a rocky start if you had to do it all over again would you?

LS: Oh my gosh yes! And I can’t wait to do it again when I have my second or third.

Want to be a donor? Learn more about our donor options  here. We have several donating options available.