We love ALL our Donors

By: Janice O'Rourke, Executive Director, IMMB

Liquid gold, the perfect food, mom’s superpower: we’ve heard many of the names for human milk.  We've heard about the patience and perseverance it takes to pump extra milk to share.  And we’ve talked with moms that are heartbroken when they realize they could have donated their milk instead of pouring it down the drain, but didn’t know about human milk donation.  Recently there has been a lot of press regarding our Guinness World Record holder, Amelia Boomker.  Amelia was able to donate 16,321 ounces of human milk to the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank.  This broke the previous record of a donor in Texas.




But as a point of reference, in 2013, 346,128 ounces of milk were donated to the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank.  This enabled us to distribute over 200,000 ounces of milk to fragile babies in NICUs across the US.  Were all of our donors like Amelia?  Definitely not.  Many of our donors struggled to donate the minimum of 100 ounces, and many of our bereavement donors sent us much less than the 100 ounce minimum.  But as Hillary Clinton has said, it takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a village to make sure that all of the fragile NICU babies have donor milk.  We appreciate the record that Amelia set and are happy that she chose to donate to the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank.  But, we love our village which includes ALL our donors.  So please consider donating to us.  Your act of love enables us to further our mission: The Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank is a non-profit organization that promotes community health by expanding the safe use of human milk for all babies, especially premature and ill infants.