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Chances are, if you are anything like us, you love babies. Maybe you love your own baby or a niece or nephew. Maybe you have an affinity for little baby toes or maybe you swoon over that sweet little hand gripping your pinky finger.

There is nothing like a brand new baby.

Except when that brand new baby is in a hospital NICU lying in an Isolette looking helpless and teeny. Baby was born too early. Maybe baby was born with complications.

As parents we do our best to equip ourselves with all the tools needed to care for a brand new baby. We deck out our nurseries. We research the safest car seats. We take birth and breastfeeding preparation courses.

But chances are we do not prepare for a pre-term birth. How can you?

You can’t. But what you can do is help to ensure that a pre-term baby has access to the life-saving properties of breast milk.

How, you ask? Three ways.

If you were blessed with a healthy milk supply that is growing your own baby, you can consider donating  extra milk to a non-profit human milk bank like the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank (IMMB). Donating is simple and IMMB can and will cover all the costs related to donating.  You can start the process by visiting www.immb.org/how-to-donate/

We know not everyone has milk they can share but we can also use the help of monetary donations. See, we are a non-profit milk bank who relies on the support of grant dollars and donations to be able to provide Pasteurized Donor Human Milk to the sickest smallest babies and we are always in need of financial help. For instance, with just a visit to our offices you will notice that we are still using a phone system from 1912. Ok, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration but seriously they are old. We’d like new ones. Maybe even the kind where you can leave a voicemail for a specific person instead of on the general mailbox. If you have some dollars you could spare, please visit our website or contact our executive director.

Probably one of the best things you can do for us to spread the word. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Talk with your breastfeeding friends about how important donating is for sick babies. Certainly, we’re not asking that you get out a megaphone but we know that word of mouth referrals are crucial.

Before we go, we’d just like to share with you a little taste of what keeps us ticking. This sincere thanks was sent from a mom whose son was born to early and instead of formula received Pasteurized Donor Human Milk from IMMB.

"That donated milk was not only the best food for my baby, it was a gift to me. The mothers that pumped and provided that milk gave me the gift of time. They gave me the gift of patience. And they gave my child the gift of life."

Thanks for reading!


The Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank