After working in a children’s hospital for the first part of my career, I have always been an advocate of breastfeeding. I was able to nurse my first two children for over a year and nearly a year, respectively. My third child, Caroline, was born at 36 weeks and spent 17 days in the NICU at IU Health North. Thanks to the support and encouragement of the awesome lactation consultants and NICU nurses at IU Health North, I have been exclusively pumping for 6 months in order to provide Caroline with this critical nutrition. I know that my breastmilk has played an important part in getting Caroline to where she is today. I am blessed with an abundant milk supply so I wanted to be able to ’share the wealth’ and provide breastmilk to the babies that need it the most. The feeling that I was able to provide over 2,000 ounces of liquid gold was truly amazing!