From the heart of Africa to the heartland of America  

I was born and grew up in Congo, in the heart of Africa and in a culture where breastfeeding was the norm. I saw breastfeeding everywhere. This background and my own experiences with our children have provided me with a keen interest in breastfeeding and breast milk. I began working with breastfeeding babies in the mid-seventies, as a La Leche League Leader. In 1995 I became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and currently work as a lactation consultant on the maternity floor of a large delivering hospital in Indianapolis.


Mary-Ann SchmutteThe more I learn about how breastfeeding works and the unique and long lasting health attributes of breast milk, the more fascinated I become. I was interested in being on the Board of The Milk Bank because of the important service it provides for babies in need. Being on the Board has provided yet another opportunity to learn about a different aspect of breast milk and the donation, processing and distribution of human milk. I have been on the board for almost five years and have watched the significant increase in the number of hospitals using human milk and mothers wanting to share their milk with families in need. I feel privileged to have been a part of this growth. I look forward to working with current and future board members and to help with the strategic planning for The Milk Bank.