Recap: HMBANA '14

The Fifth International Congress on Donor Human Milk Banking

By: Janice O'Rourke, Executive Director, IMMB

As a member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America, a few IMMB staff members were able to spend an energizing few days with like minded, passionate advocates of Donor Milk at The Fifth International Congress on Donor Human Milk Banking (#HMBANA14). We thought our readers would enjoy hearing some of the highlights from the conference that featured speakers from not only America but also Cananda, Sweden and Great Britain. Topics included: Promoting Breastfeeding despite using Donor Milk. A Family Center approach, Some of our best friends are Germs. The human Microbiome, and Human Milk after the 1st Year. Why bother?

Here are a few highlights from our trip- besides BEAUTIFUL Vancouver Island!

  • Jodine Chase from @HumanMilkNews complimented our social media efforts.
  • We were acknowledged by Elizabeth Brooks ,The IBCLC/Attorney for our efforts of introducing the use of PDHM beyond 1 yr. 
  • The Bloomington Area Birth Services was recognized in one of Elizabeth Brooks presentations as this is one of our depots.
  • The excitement and energy that surrounds milk banking as a hot topic right now, this was referenced on several occasions by speakers!
In all, HMBANA 14 was an excellent conference! Many Thanks to the hard working HMBANA Board of Directors for all your work!