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The Perfect Mothers' Day Present

The perfect mother's day present.

Does it exist?

Maybe you are a Jewelry of any kind Mama. Or maybe you would prefer a macaroni necklace? Surely a bouquet of flowers and a tasty brunch will fit the bill?

This year, the perfect present isn't something I can wear or admire for a few days, it is my family supporting a cause dear to my heart. Other moms.

The perfect present is a gift to The Milk Bank's Milk Money and More Project; a fund that covers the cost of donor milk for families who cannot afford donor milk.

The perfect present is supporting a mom who desperately wants the best for her child.

The perfect present is helping a mom who really, really wanted to breastfeed but just couldn't for a host of reasons.

The perfect present is giving a mom the time she needs to heal by feeding her baby the best alternative, donor milk. 

If you agree, please consider contributing to our Milk Money and More Project by donating in honor of the moms you love.

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