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How to Pack Your Milk for Shipment

How to Pack Your Milk for Shipment

by: Jami Marvin, The Milk Bank Pasteurization Coordinator

We often times hear from donors how difficult it is to pack up and ship off their hard earned milk. To many, its as if they are shipping off a part of themselves or their baby. Donors want to make sure their milk donations arrive safe and sound.

These tips should help:

  1. Put the individual bags of milk into larger bags such as grocery bag or bags that have zipper seals. This also helps prevent the milk from being jostled around during shipping. It also helps keep the milk close together and frozen longer.
  2. Make sure that the milk is packed tight in the ziplock bags and also the box. The more tightly packed the box is, the less room there is for the milk to move.
  3. For Mik Depots:  Please pack only one mom per box and clearly label the donation with a name and donor number. Individual Donors, please include your donor information: Last name and Donor number.
  4. Every box needs 5lbs of dry ice.  Double wrap the dry ice so that it does not come into direct contact with any of the milk. Optimal freezing temperature for breastmilk is between -18 and -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Dry ice is -109.3 degrees Farenheit. If the dry ice comes into direct contact with the frozen breast milk could make the bags brittle and more likely to break or the dry ice can over freeze the milk. Place the double wrapped dry ice on the top of the milk as close to the middle as possible.
  5. If there is any extra space in the box after the dry ice has been placed, stuff the extra space with crumpled newspaper, craft paper, bubble wrap or even some crumpled plastic bags. The key is to keep it tight!
  6. Put the Styrofoam lid back onto the box and make sure that none of the extra filling is going to prevent it from completely shutting. Do not take out any of the filling if it can simply be pushed down into the box.
  7. Make sure the outer cardboard box is properly taped. Make sure not to cover the fragile stickers and your milk is safe and ready to be shipped!

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Of course, if you have any questions, please contact us at any time!
This post is intended for approved milk donors who do not have a Milk Depot location close. Approved donors are always to use a milk depot or ship their donations themselves.