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baby-home2How did you hear about donating your excess breast milk?I had a friend who donated and encouraged her friends to donate!


What happened that made you realize you had enough breast milk to share with babies in need? I was very frustrated the first week of pumping because I was barely keeping up with my son's needs. My son couldn't nurse and had to be tube fed (this didn't help my frustration). After the first week, I started producing over 50 ounces a day...can you say "milk mama!"


Was there anything unique about your pumping routine? I must admit that I broke the rules of pumping. I didn't pump every couple of hours. My schedule of pumping was consistent and I only pumped 3 times a day because living in the hospital and meeting with doctors consumed my time. I'm now going on 13 months of pumping and have never experienced a dip in supply.


Was your employer/spouse supportive of you pumping/ donating? My sweet husband was very supportive of my pumping and donations. He always dropped my milk off to The Milk Bank. Poor guy had his picture taken a few times during drop off :)


Would you donate again? Most definitely! This year has been one heck of a ride with my son's surgeries and too many hospital stays, but pumping brought some sense of relief and relaxation.



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