The Gift of Time

Why Donor Milk is Important

By, Crystal Gold, MS,The Milk Bank Board Member

When I first learned about the opportunity to be a member of the Board of Directors for the Indiana Mothers' Milk Bank, I was immediately drawn to it.  My second son is a NICU graduate and was the first baby to receive donor human milk where he was born.  We didn't know he was changing the world that day, but since he did, it just seemed like a natural progression to add my passion to the important work that the Milk Bank does.

The Gift of Time: Why Donor Milk is Important {}


I know first hand what a difference donated milk can make to the health of a gravely ill baby.  However, I think it is my understanding of what a difference it can make for the mother that really makes my experience that much more valuable.  Everyone thinks of donated milk as being for the baby, and it is.  But it is also a gift to the mom who wants to breastfeed her sick infant.  I couldn't get over the feeling of a ticking clock over my head.  If I didn't get milk for my child, he would be supplemented with formula and that was something I didn't want for him due to the risks to his fragile tummy.  Knowing that he would receive milk that was lovingly donated by another mother and prepared safely for him meant that I had the gift of time.

Without the stress of deadlines I was able to relax more, focus on my job of pumping, and spend my time caring for my baby boy.  I try to always remember the overwhelming appreciation I felt when I saw those bottles arrive and that is what drives my work with the milk bank today.