If you're like me,  you barely looked through the massive amount of mailers you received advertising Black Friday deals and don't feel compelled to rush out to the mall first thing Friday morning. Maybe Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday is more your thing.  

I'd like to encourage you to consider, Giving Tuesday. The best of both worlds. A way for you to support a small nonprofit via the internet.

Why? Because nonprofits such as ours rely on the generosity of not just milk donors but also financial donors to accomplish our Mission of providing safe mother's milk to as many babies as possible.

So what does that look like?

It could be as little as $25.

$25 will feed a NICU baby for ONE day.

Giving Tuesday Blog Graphic
Giving Tuesday Blog Graphic

You can do that, right? Yeah, me too.

If you can commit to donating $25 today or maybe $25 once a month, you can do so here by clicking the donate button. 

Let us know that you support us by posting a photo of yourself with the hashtag- #unselfie.

We want to see your #unselfie. Tag us in your social media posts.

Oh, and Thank you, ALWAYS for your generosity!

Hawkins Blog Bio
Hawkins Blog Bio