You might remember a few months ago, we asked our Facebook friends what kind of blog posts they would like to see from us and a few of you asked specific questions. Once a month, a Breastfeeding Professional will address these answers. Feel free to follow up with comments or additional questions below. Happy Reading! Carissa Question from Rachel

“How to explain your breastfeeding goals to family and friends who don't understand! (Thinking specifically of child-led weaning/full-term breastfeeding vs weaning at a specific age).”


Explaining Your Breastfeeding Goals

Melissa Smith, RN

People seem to be surprised that I’m still pumping milk for my 2-year-old.  I’m often asked when I’m going to stop; sometimes out of pure curiosity and sometimes accompanied with a look of disbelief.  I always try to answer like its no big deaSmith 2… “Of course, the minimum recommendation is 2 years.” It seems that when I treat it as completely normal, the person asking me about it becomes less judgmental.  They may not understand it still, but when I don’t become offended and remain open to their questions/comments, whether nice or mean, it tends to end well.  To each their own! Friends have asked me why I didn’t stop at 1 year or how long I plan on pumping…and honestly, it’s become a lifestyle and I’m not sure how to quit.  I’ve been exclusively pumping since Collin was 4 months old.  When the time comes to pump, I pull out my nursing cover and just pump away!  I’ve pumped at a Cubs game, in the car, at parties, and out by the pool.

I’ve heard: “You’re still doing that?!” and “I feel like you should be done with that by now.”  And I reply with: “Of course I’m still doing that! I’ll be done when Collin is done!”  Putting an age limit on receiving the best possible nutrition just doesn’t seem right.  There are times when Collin barely eats his dinner and people will ask, “Well, what are you going to do?  He has to eat something.”  I nonchalantly reply that he can just have some milk and when he’s ready to start eating well, he will…and he is…slowly but surely he is eating everything that my husband and I eat!