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The Milk Bank hosts classes on milk donation for bereaved mothers

The Milk Bank hosts classes on milk donation for bereaved mothersPerinatal psychology expert presents classes funded by March of Dimes

INDIANAPOLIS – The Milk Bank is offering classes on the value of milk donation for a bereaved mother November 6 at Community North Hospital.


The featured speaker is Jessica Welborn, Co-Director of the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Montana. Welborn is the author of “Lactation Support for the Bereaved Mother, a Toolkit.” She also received her PhD in perinatal psychology from the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, with a focus on the psychological impact of donating breast milk following perinatal loss. Welborn also worked for two years as the Donor Coordinator at the Mothers' Milk Bank in San Jose, CA. Jessica also currently serves on the Board of Directors of Women's Voices for the Earth (WVE), a national organization that works to eliminate toxic chemicals that impact women's health.


Following Welborn’s presentation, the sessions will include a panel discussion of real mothers and their experiences donating milk after losing a baby.


There will be two separate sessions for this class, and each will include the same content. Attendees can choose to attend from 8:30 to 11:30 AM or 12:30 to 3:30 PM in the Community North Maternity Unit conference room.


The Milk Bank is the only nonprofit milk bank in central Indiana that accepts donor milk from bereaved mothers. They honor these mothers and their children through a remembrance tree in their office, which shares the names of babies whose mothers have donated to serve other infants in need.


The classes are funded by grant money from the March of Dimes. The March of Dimes Indiana has awarded a grant to The Milk Bank to support these classes that are aimed at underserved maternal and child health needs here in Indianapolis. This program will provide bereaved mothers with information about milk donation. This grant is one of many that the March of Dimes awards in pursuit of its mission to prevent birth defects and infant mortality.


To register for class, please contact The Milk Bank at 317.536.1670 or About The Milk Bank Since 2005, The Milk Bank has been committed to providing pasteurized human milk donations to infants in hospitals’ neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) throughout the Midwest. The Milk Bank is a non-profit organization that accepts and pasteurizes human milk donations from fully screened and approved donor mothers, ensuring the highest quality donations. The Milk Bank has milk depot locations in five states for donor convenience. In 2014, The Milk Bank started a partnership with Indiana Blood Center, making each of their locations function as a milk depot has well. For more information, visit



Big News: 7 New Milk Depots Opening Thanks to Indiana Blood Center

"Most Donors can tell you, packing a styrofoam cooler, finding dry ice and then taking the cooler to UPS, all while caring for an infant is no small feat. Having 7 more convenient Milk Depot locations throughout Central Indiana will make a difference for our Donor Moms."

-Lauren Duncan, Donor Mother Coordinator, IMMB

Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank and Indiana Blood Center forge partnership

Nonprofits team up to help premature infants


INDIANAPOLIS – For NICU babies, donated blood and donated human milk are critical to survival. Two Indiana organizations are now teaming up to make sure fragile infants have access to both.

Starting June 16, 2014, the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank and Indiana Blood Center will launch a partnership to make each of them more effective in providing resources to premature infants. This is one of the first partnerships of its kind in the United States. Each Indiana Blood Center location will now also serve as a milk depot for approved IMMB breast milk donor mothers, which immediately adds seven new drop-off locations around the state of Indiana. An eighth will open in August after renovations are finished at the Lafayette IBC location.

As the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank and Indiana Blood Center started conversations, they realized the process of screening donors and providing life saving resources of donor blood and donor milk are very similar. This partnership allows both organizations to be more effective in collecting and distributing life-saving donations.

Because of the efficient nature of Indiana Blood Center’s existing infrastructure, the partnership allows IMMB to be more proactive in supplying NICUs with donor milk. When IBC couriers transport blood quickly from donor centers or depots, which happens several times a day, they will be able to pick up IMMB donations as well.  Milk donations will be transported from the depot to the pasteurization facility at the IMMB more regularly, making the turnaround time between a donor dropping off donated milk at a depot location and dispending to a hospital more timely.

This partnership also gives the IMMB a presence in new cities around Indiana. Donors in cities like Columbus and Terre Haute will now be able to drop off donations, instead of shipping coolers to Indianapolis.

“This Partnership makes donating milk more convenient for new moms and gives us a larger presence in Indiana and the ability to reach more potential donor mothers.” said Janice O’Rourke, IMMB Executive Director.

“The partnership with Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank perfectly aligns with Indiana Blood Center’s lifesaving mission,” said Byron Buhner, president and CEO of Indiana Blood Center. “Knowing that our broad footprint of donor centers throughout Indiana opens the opportunity for even more mothers to donate milk adds yet another point of pride in what we do.”

Indiana Blood Center will also be providing the blood screening required for potential milk donors going through the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank approval process. All Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank donors go through a screening process, which includes a blood test as well as medical and lifestyle history. With this process, all approved milk donors are eligible to donate blood once they are six weeks postpartum through Indiana Blood Center.

“The process of milk donation and blood donation is actually very similar,” says Carissa Hawkins of the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank. “It’s a nonprofit to nonprofit connection. It just makes sense for us to partner and bring life-saving donations to as many infants as we can.”

According to Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank and Indiana Blood Center, there is always a demand for donated blood and donated human milk. They both have similar goals when it comes to providing a vital, potentially life-saving donation to those in need.

Grand openings of milk depots at Indiana Blood Center locations will be 9:30 AM Tuesday, June 17 in Terre Haute, 9:30AM Wednesday, June 18 in Columbus and 12 PM Thursday, June 19 in Fishers.

About Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank

The Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank (IMMB) is a non-profit organization that promotes community health by expanding the safe use of human milk for all babies, especially premature and ill infants.  The IMMB accepts and pasteurizes  breast milk from fully screened and approved mothers to be sent to Neonatal Intensive Care Units in hospitals throughout the Midwest. The IMMB has depot locations throughout the Midwest and has been in existence since 2005.

About Indiana Blood Center

Indiana Blood Center was founded in 1952 and is a not-for-profit community resource organization dedicated to maintaining a stable blood supply for more than 60 hospitals throughout Indiana. In order to meet patients’ blood needs, Indiana Blood Center must see 550 donors every day. This goal is met with the annual help of more than 100,000 volunteer donors and through the dedication of more than 375 Indiana Blood Center staff who live out the lifesaving mission of providing blood components to patients in Indiana hospitals. Indiana Blood Center is the largest independent blood provider in Indiana and among the top 20 nationally, performing some 150,000 procedures annually. Visit for more information or to schedule an appointment to donate blood.



Karen Hurt,


World Record for Breast Milk Donation Broken by Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank Donor

World Record for Breast Milk Donation Broken by

Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank Donor

Amelia Boomker donated over 16,000 fluid ounces


INDIANAPOLIS – An Illinois mother of four has donated the breast milk equivalent of 816 Venti Starbucks lattes or 241 2-liter bottles of Coke to the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank, which collects breast milk donations from fully screened and approved mothers and provides pasteurized donor milk to hospitals throughout the Midwest.


Amelia Boomker of Bolingbrook, Ill., has set the Guinness World Record for breast milk donation by gifting 16,321 fluid ounces of milk to IMMB. She made her donations between February 2008 and September 2013.


Boomker began pumping breast milk when her first son, Danny, was born with a congenital heart defect in 2005. Danny was tube-fed for the first six months of his life, so the best thing Boomker could do for him was pump breast milk to help him get healthy.  She was producing more milk than her son could consume, so the nurses at Hope Children’s Hospital encouraged her to donate to a milk bank.


“They started sending me liter bottles because I producing so much milk. I would send up to 14 at a time!” she said.


“The milk donations we receive are delivered to hospitals throughout the Midwest to provide live-saving nourishment to newborns who are critically ill in Neonatal Intensive Care Units,” says Carissa Hawkins, communication coordinator at IMMB. “Amelia’s donations helped save many young lives on the way to setting the world record.”


Boomker also pumped breast milk for her three sons born after Danny, allowing her donation amount to climb. While on maternity leave with her youngest son, she became aware of the world record and knew that she had pumped enough to break it. She attributes some of her breast milk production success to a flexible employer that lets her pump long-term on a consistent daily schedule.


For five years, she sent expressed milk in coolers packed with dry ice and dropped off donations at some of the IMMB’s depots in the Chicago area. The milk bank has depot locations throughout the Midwest for donors to drop off milk.


“The Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank’s choice to open milk depots was brilliant.  I wish they would open more in the Chicago area! It was so easy for me to drive up to the hospital and drop off my donation,” she said.


# # #

About IMMB

The Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank pasteurizes and screens breast milk from fully screened and approved mothers and to be sent to Neonatal Intensive Care Units in hospitals throughout the Midwest. They have depot locations throughout the Midwest and have been in existence since 2005.



Karen Hurt,


Policy Change: Donors can Donate till 24 Months Postpartum.

Donors can Donate till 2nd Year Postpartum

by Sarah Long, IBCLC, Clinical Coordiantor, The Milk Bank


The Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank would like to announce that we have extended the length of time Donors are eligible to make breast milk donations.


Approved milk donors are now able to donate their excess breast milk until their second year postpartum.


Why the change in policy?


As the demand for pasteurized donor human milk has increased among ordering hospitals, so too has the demand increased among outpatients.  Instead of reducing our approval criteria we felt it best to extend the amount of time a fully screened and approved donor is eligible to donate. This change means an increased ability for IMMB to be able to meet the needs of ordering hospitals as well as potential outpatients.


There are three classifications of breast milk donations for us:

  1. Pre-Term: Breast Milk expressed when a baby is born at or before 36 weeks gestation. Mothers’ making pre-term milk only produce  pre-term milk for 30 days after birth. Pre-term milk is dispensed to ordering hospital for use with very fragile infants or neonates because of it’s increased levels of protein and fat.
  2. Term: Breast milk expressed after 36 weeks gestation until 1 year postpartum.  Term breast milk provides the optimum nutrition and is our most abundant donation. Term milk is dispensed to ordering hospitals for use in their NICU’s or baby nurseries for premature or ill infants.
  3. Outpatient: Breast milk expressed after 1st year postpartum until the 2nd year postpartum. Outpatient milk is dispensed to babies requiring the use of breast milk who are well or have limited medical needs.



All current donor restrictions and guidelines still apply. Donor moms are asked to continue to refrain from medication use, unless approved by IMMB, they must continue to be non-smokers and must follow expressing and storage guidelines. Breast milk stored in a deep freezer will continue to be accepted for 8 months from the date it was pumped and breast milk stored in a side by side or top freezer will be accepted for 5 months from the date it was pumped.


New and current milk donors are asked to commit to donating 100oz of breast milk by their child’s second birthday. There no restrictions as to how much breast  milk must be donated at one time but we ask that donors try to supply us with 50oz at a time.


We hope this extension will allow us greater access to your most precious commodity and allow us to serve a greater population.



Meet Lauren, Our New Donor Mother Coordinator

By Carissa Hawkins, Communications Coordinator

It was October of 2011 when I received a call from Kathy Mason the Lactation Consultant at Riley Hospital for Children, telling me about about a mom who wanted to donate after the passing of her son.

It was Lauren.

Lauren Duncan Collage WM
Lauren Duncan Collage WM

Michael Duncan was born in September, 2011 at 23 weeks, 6 days. He lived for a month.

Lauren pumped the entire time and was able provide Michael with breastmilk his entire life. The extra came to us.

Now, Lauren serves as our Donor Mother Coordinator, helping us ensure the generous moms who contact us have a quick, pleasant experience.

Please help us welcome her!

MILK SHORTAGE, Please consider Donating TODAY


Due to shipping delays during the Polar Vortex of last week, we are dangerously low on donated milk. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Milk Donor, please call us 317-536-1670 or click here to begin the approval process.

We're Hiring! {Full Time Pasteurization Tech}

IMMB is looking for a Full Time Pasteurization Tech to join our team!  Qualified applicants should submit a resume to Janice O'Rourke at

Pasteurization Tech {Full Time}

The Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank is currently seeking a full time pasteurization tech. This position reports to the Pasteurization Coordinator and is responsible for the safe pasteurization of donor human milk. Previous food service, lab or hospital experience a plus. Must be detail oriented and able to work both independently and as part of a team. Send resume and cover letter to

St. Francis Hospital: FIRST Indianapolis Milk Depot: Opening 9/10

Please Join us as we Celebrate St. Francis Hospital as our FIRST Indianapolis Milk Depot!

Grand Opening Celebration will take place September 10th from 10am-11am in Classroom 1 by Entrance 5.

If you have Milk to Donate, please feel free to bring it!

We're Hiring: Donor Outreach Coordinator Wanted

Indiana Mothers' Milk Bank

Wanted: Mission driven Donor Outreach Coordinator

Under the direction of the Executive Director, this position is responsible for the development, planning, and implementation of various events, programs and projects related to donor procurement at the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank. This position also provides screening to potential donor mothers and follows through the process to obtain approval as a donor.  Assists the Executive Director in strategic planning and is responsible for implementing outreach objectives and activities in the IMMB strategic plan.

To apply email a cover letter and resume to Janice O'Rourke at

Lexington, Get Ready! We're Opening a Milk Depot! Grand Opening 1/26/12

donate breast milk indiana

Hey Lexington, We're coming your way!

Join us on January 26th, 2012 at 10am as we unveil Mother Nurture as our newest Milk Depot!

Mother Nurture is the kind of place a Breastfeeding Mama needs! Aside from top notch products, they are also a one stop shop for Breastfeed support and encouragement.

We couldn't be more proud to partner with such a committed organization!

As a Milk Depot, Mother Nurture will accept breast milk donated by approved Indiana Mothers' Milk Bank Donors. Making the process of getting milk to IMMB that much easier!

You can visit Mother Nurture at: 2891 Richmond Road, Suite 102, Lexington, KY 40509. (859)335-5949

To become a Donor, please contact IMMB at or click here.

We're getting low!!

IMMB is approaching critically low levels of donor human milk.

With the increased demand from hospitals throughout the Midwest for premature or ill infants in need, we are in great need of more donors!

If you have been thinking about donating, now is the time to take the first step!  The process is simple and we cover expenses associated with donation.  Please visit our How to Donate page, which gives an overview of how to start the process.  Help us share the gift of mothers' milk!

As always, you can reach us at (317) 536 - 1670 or by email at

Kentucky's First Milk Depot is Officially Open!

We are so excited to announce that our first Milk Depot location outside of Indiana is officially open for business!! Officially opened August 2, 2011, in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, the new Milk Depot staff at Louisville's Babyology - Breastfeeding Resource Center & Baby Boutique - are excited to help collect human milk donations and support breastfeeding initiatives in the Louisville community.

Vicki Sanders, Babyology Owner, and her staff will serve as the local connection to IMMB and as a local donation drop off site.  Babyology is already a fixture in the breastfeeding community in Louisville, so a partnership with IMMB only strengthened their support of breastfeeding and the use of human milk throughout Kentucky and beyond.  We are thrilled to officially announce this partnership and look forward to working with the amazing Babyology staff.

Babyology is located at 3934 Dutchman's Lane in Louisville, Kentucky.  If you are from the Louisville area and interested in donating to IMMB, you can contact Babyology at 502-721-7727 or click here to become a donor!

A BIG thank you to Vicki and the entire Babyology staff for helping us put together a great grand opening celebration.  We were very excited to see all four TV News stations present to cover this exciting event.  Below are links to the press coverage.

Volunteer @ the State Fair Lactation Station!

Do you wish you could find time to volunteer more often?  Want to give back to the community AND have a great time?  Then, you have found the right opportunity!

With the Indiana State Fair only days away, we are working hard to make sure we have all THREE Lactation Stations staffed 12 hours per day for the fair's 17-day run.  If you have not been able to sign up to volunteer yet, below is a list of the dates/shifts that we need help the most.  If you have any questions, contact Fernanda Agnes, Lactation Station Coordinator, at

4:30 to 9:00 pm shift

Fri 8/5

Sat 8/6

Sun 8/7

Wed 8/10

Thurs 8/11

Sat 8/13

Tues 8/16

Wed 8/17

Thurs 8/18

Sun 8/21

1:00 to 5:00 pm shift

Fri 8/5

Tues 8/16

Wed 8/17

Thurs 8/18

Fri  8/19

The One-Stop-Shop - Milk Depot Locations!

Milk Bank Milk Depot locations

IMMB is continually looking for new locations to expand our Milk Depot program.  We currently operate 7 milk depots throughout the state, where donors can simply drop off human milk donations.  The amazing volunteers at these locations take care of transporting the liquid gold to our office in Indianapolis.  Check out our Milk Depot location page to find the depot nearest you!

Congratulations to our newest Milk Depot location at Memorial Hospital of South Bend!  We are currently in the process of opening our first two out-of-state depots in Chicago and Louisville.  Stay tuned for more information!

If you are a member of a hospital, clinic, or organization that is interested in being a Milk Depot location, please contact us at or by phone at 317-536-1670.  We provide the freezer, shipping boxes, and prepaid shipping labels – all that is asked of Milk Depot staff is the few minutes it takes per month to pack and ship human milk donations to us in Indy.

Walking For Dreams

Couldn't make it to the 2011 Walking for Dreams?  IMMB had a great turnout, with nearly 50 walkers!

Don't worry - even if you didn't make it, you can still help us fund our mission and help premature and ill infants in need.  For one more week, you can donate to IMMB's team at  Simply select Dane Nutty, IMMB's Program Manager, from the drop-down list.  Donations will be accepted on the Walking for Dreams site until Sunday, June 5, 2011.

Please contact Dane at or by phone at 317-536-1670 with any questions!