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Thank you for your interest in donating milk to The Milk Bank. We hope to make the process of donating as easy as possible during this difficult time. Below is an overview of the screening process.

Donors must be in good general health and a non-smoker with limited use of medications. Please contact us about medication concerns immediately.

The buttons below allow you to complete the application form online or, if you prefer, you can download, print and mail the application. The online form contains releases of information for your health care provider. Please sign these forms to allow us to confirm with your health care provider that you are a good candidate for milk donation. We will notify you in the event that any other personal health information is needed.

The online form also contains a Giving Tree Consent Form. Please complete this form if you would like your baby’s name and birth date engraved on a leaf of our “Giving Tree”, which is a memorial to babies who have died and whose mothers have donated in their name. The “Giving Tree” is located on our lobby wall, you may visit your baby’s leaf during business hours or at one of our semi-annual open houses.


Once we receive your form, we will contact you about having your blood drawn. Blood draws will be arranged either using a local Indianapolis-based lab or a national lab with locations near you. If a lab is not convenient, we will arrange for a blood draw kit to be shipped directly to you. More information regarding the blood testing can be found here.

After your blood results are received we will contact you with an approval number. With an approval number, you are welcome to drop off your human milk donation at a Milk Depot near you or we can arrange to ship or pick up your milk. For your convenience a list of Milk Depot locations can be found here.

Additional documents you should be aware of are available below, please take a moment to review them and retain them for later referral:


Collection & Storage Information

Depot Drop Off Instructions

Packing and Shipping Information

Medication & Lifestyle Guidelines

Notice of Privacy Practices

By donating to The Milk Bank, you are ensuring that premature babies in need will have the lifesaving properties of Mothers’ Milk. Grieving mothers express that donating milk is a tribute to their baby as well as physical, emotional, and spiritual healing for their family. Thank you for your generosity!

Lauren Duncan, CLS

Donor Mother Coordinator

phone (317) 536 – 1679


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