What is a Milk Depot?


A Milk Depot is a conveniently located collection site for approved human milk donors. Area donors that have been approved by The Milk Bank can drop off their excess breastmilk at the Depot. These donations are collected and sent to The Milk Bank where they will be bottled, pasteurized and tested for sterility by an independent lab before being dispensed to an ordering hospital or to an outpatient.



Who can be a Milk Depot?

A Depot is typically an organization that has some sort of interaction with breastfeeding or pumping moms. These organizations range from local doctors offices or hospitals to WIC offices to retail stores specializing in maternity and nursing supplies.

Why should you be a Milk Depot?

You will be providing a beneficial service to The Milk Bank donors and breastfeeding moms in your community. Most Depots find that milk bank donors become more familiar with other services provided by the Depot. Milk Depots also find an increase in public awareness due to media coverage.

How does a Milk Depot store the donated milk?

The Milk Bank will provide the Depot with a 16-20 cubic foot lockable freezer that must be placed in a secure location.

How does the Milk Depot ship milk?

Milk Depots within the Indianapolis area are asked to contact The Milk Bank to have the milk picked up. For Depots outside of the Indianapolis area The Milk Bank will provide foam coolers in cardboard boxes and pre-paid UPS shipping labels. Each box should contain 5lbs of dry ice. Shipping instructions and suggestions on how to properly pack a box will be provided by The Milk Bank.

How often does a Milk Depot ship milk?

The Milk Bank asks that Depots ship milk as needed, when the freezer is 50% or more full or if the milk is approaching 6 months past the pumping date.

Where does a Milk Depot get dry ice?

The Milk Bank has accounts with several dry ice distributors. If one of our distributors is not in your area we ask that you locate an alternative distributor.

What does it cost to be a Milk Depot?

There is no cost to a Milk Depot aside from staff time to pack the coolers for shipment. Any other costs associated with dry ice and shipping will be reimbursed.

How much of our time does it take to be a Milk Depot?

The Milk Bank anticipates that this will take no more than 15 minutes each week and 45 minutes when shipping milk.

Is there anything else a Milk Depot has to do?

Yes, but it’s not much. The Milk Bank asks that Depots keep track of donations using a donation log. We also ask that you keep a daily log of the freezer temperature. The Milk Bank will provide you with forms for both logs.

How does a milk donor become approved?

  • Donor contacts The Milk Bank for a telephone prescreen
  • Donor completes additional information packet
  • Donor has blood drawn at The Milk Bank’s expense
  • Donor is approved

When do donors drop off their milk?

The Depot can handle the timing of deposits however they like, some Depots ask that donors give a firm time of arrival so that appropriate personnel are available to accept the deposit, others don’t mind if donors drop in unexpectedly. The Milk Bank does ask donors to call before dropping off their milk.

How do we become a Milk Depot?

Complete the information form below and a representative will contact you. A representative will contact you to answer any questions you might have, as well as provide you with a Milk Depot Agreement for your review and signature. Once the Agreement is fully executed The Milk Bank will have a freezer delivered to your location and we’ll begin planning an official grand opening celebration that will include promotion on The Milk Bank social media and website as well as the dissemination of a press release to local media outlets.

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