Donate Milk After a Loss


“Donating filled my heart with such excitement and joy because I knew I was helping these fragile little preemies in honor of my sweet son.”

– Sheri Rukavina on donating after the loss of her son.



Dear Grieving Mother,

Please accept my deepest sympathies during this difficult time. Knowing that you are reading this means that you have suffered a loss. A loss so great that there are no words. Please know, while our stories may be different, I understand the pain you are feeling, for I, too, have suffered a similar loss. After my son, Michael, passed away, I was left with milk that he would never use. Donating my milk to The Milk Bank in his memory, allowed me to heal and provided comfort knowing that other babies’ lives could be saved by receiving this gift of “liquid gold.” I commend you for considering milk donation during this difficult time and hope that you, too, will also find healing.

Lauren Duncan, Donor Mother Coordinator, The Milk Bank

Lauren Duncan and her son Michael

Lauren Duncan and her son Michael



Garrett’s Gift Bereavement Donation Program

Garrett’s Gift Bereavement Program provides families that have experienced a loss the chance to donate in honor of their little one. Each leaf on this tree has the name of a baby whose family has donated in the hopes of saving another life. There is no minimum donation. Contact our donor mother coordinator for specific donation guidelines. Bereaved parents are welcome to visit Garrett’s Giving Tree during business hours.


We Are Here to Help!


Our goal is to make the donation process for a grieving family as seamless as possible by providing supplies, when available, and convenient donation drop-off sites, as well as the ability to work directly with hospital staff to ship milk donations.

If you have experienced a loss and would like to donate, please contact us at (317) 536-1670.


If you would like to give financially in memory of a little one click here for more information.