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At The Milk Bank, we are grateful for the gifts we receive from individuals, mothers, and families, whether they give their milk, money or time. Your donations provide health and hope; and make a life-saving difference to the fragile babies we serve.

In the past 12 years, The Milk Bank has provided over one and a half million ounces of pasteurized donor human milk (PDHM) to hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) to give the smallest and sickest babies the best start toward a healthy life.  We believe that every child should have access to safe human milk because it offers the best health care outcomes for fragile babies.

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“There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you’ve helped save and better the lives of precious little miracles” reflected Whitney, mother to Lola and Ruby.  These twin miracles received pasteurized donor human milk from The Milk Bank when they were born at 35 weeks.

The Drops of Love program provides life-saving PDHM based on medical need and enables us to keep serving all babies who need PDHM by providing support for the costs associated with processing the milk for these babies.

The Drops of Love program is vital and we strive to serve any family in need of PDHM, however we are dependent on individual donors, foundations and corporations to fund this program. 

Donations are tax-deductible.  Thank you for your generosity! 


Make a one-time donation or a monthly
recurring donation via PayPal.

You can also make a donation by mail. Our mailing address is:
The Milk Bank
5060 East 62nd Street, Suite 128
Indianapolis, Indiana 46220


Please call our office if you would prefer to make your donation over the phone. 317-536-1670