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Fund An Ounce: Our Featured Family Stories

We want to celebrate these four families who generously shared their stories of using Pasteurized Donor Human Milk from The Milk Bank during their NICU stays.

They were featured during our recent Fund An Ounce campaign, which provided over 14,000 feedings to fragile infants thanks to generous financial donations. Did you know it only takes $5 to fund one ounce of milk at The Milk Bank?

The Impact of Donor Milk on Jude
Watch now and be inspired by the power of community, compassion, and the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child.

Taryn’s son Jude, faced renal failure shortly after birth. Facing uncertainty and numerous hospital visits, Taryn discovered the transformative power of pasteurized donor milk as part of her son’s care.

Through the generosity of milk donors, Jude’s trajectory shifted dramatically, leading to newfound hope and resilience. Taryn recounts the challenges, victories, and profound gratitude she feels every time she feeds Jude.

This touching narrative serves as a testament to the incredible impact of milk donation and the unwavering support of strangers who became lifelines in Jude’s journey.



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