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Your Guide to Joining The Milk Bank’s Giving Team!

Your Guide to Joining The Milk Bank’s Giving Team!

The Milk Bank relies on financial supporters to serve fragile infants. Financial donations support a sliding scale fund for families in need of donor milk, free lactation services, and our bereavement donation program. You are critical to the success of Fund An Ounce. Sharing your personal experience with The Milk Bank shows how connected we all are – and how important our mission is to the families we serve. Let’s get started!

Creating your Fundraising Page

  1. Visit to view the main fundraising page.
  2. Click the “Fundraise” button below the video and progress bar.
  3. Sign up with GiveButter. There will be prompts on the screen to walk you through.
  4. Select, “Create your own team.”
  5. Give yourself a special team name and upload a photo. $250 is a nice starting goal, but go with your comfort level! Build connection by adding your story. How did donor milk help your family? Why is this fundraiser important to you?
  6. Click “Join this fundraiser,” to create your page.

Share your story and your page with your friends, family, and community!

Nervous about Fundraising? Don’t be!

Fund An Ounce 2024
Join our campaign today!

To involve as many people as possible, Fund An Ounce encourages supporters to give $5 (about the cost to process one ounce of donor milk). 100% of funds raised will be used to support The Milk Bank’s lifesaving mission. Have questions or need tips? Contact Alicia Drier, Individual Giving Officer, (317) 616-1112,

Thank you for lending your support and giving your time to Fund An Ounce 2024.

When sharing on Instagram or Facebook, use #FundAnOunce2024 and tag @themilkbank so we can celebrate with you!

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