How Does a Hospital Order PDHM?


Once the milk undergoes the rigorous screening and processing at The Milk Bank, it is ready for distribution to hospitals or outpatient recipients. PDHM is supplied in the following quantities:


4 ounces

Term PDHM: Milk pumped by mothers who have given birth to a baby more than 36 weeks gestation. Can also be ordered in 2 ounce bottles.

2 ounces

Preterm PDHM: Milk pumped by mothers who have given birth to a baby at or before 36 weeks gestation.



Each bottle is labeled with the pasteurization date, expiration date, and batch number. Each bottle is sealed and checked for quality prior to pasteurization to ensure safety during processing and transportation.


Order Details


Orders received prior to 2:30 p.m. EST will be delivered next day via UPS overnight delivery. Orders received after 2:30 pm EST will be shipped out the following business day. Orders are dispensed Monday through Thursday only. Orders can also be received same-day through a courier service for an additional fee. For more information, please call The Milk Bank at 317-536-1670.

If you are a hospital or health care provider interested in ordering PDHM, please contact us by phone. If you need PDHM immediately for an emergency situation, please call 317-536-1670 or toll-free 877-824-7470. If you have questions about a previously placed order, please call (317) 536-1673 or email