Milk Warriors, Breastfeeding Champions and Public Health Partners,

Over the next several months, The Milk Bank – like all medical and nonprofit efforts – will be challenged to prevent disruption in our work and stabilize the donor milk supply.   We are expecting increases in demand from NICUs at the same time supply could slow due to canceled drives and the possibilities of sheltering in place.  While we can assure you that our current inventory is stable, we know we must continue to be proactive and creative.  That is why we are asking for your help. 

Please leverage your professional and personal networks to create a call to action around the need for donor milk.  Much like blood banking or food banking, milk banking is an essential service and a medical supplier that is particularly at risk during the pandemic. 

This kit is designed to provide sharing resources:

We believe it is critical that public health leaders reinforce core messages that the coronavirus has not been found in breastmilk or donor milk.  Additionally, research consistently demonstrates that human milk protects against many illnesses and provides significant immunological properties and antibodies.

Thank you for your work every day and especially during these extraordinary times, please let us know how we can also elevate your work.  While we have all learned more about social distancing and pandemic protocols that we ever imagined, we have also learned about the resiliency of teams and unstoppable passion to support new lives and new moms.