Outpatient Recipient Information

Pasteurized Donor Human Milk (PDHM) provides infants with a safe alternative to formula when experiencing a medical need or for short-term supplementation when mother’s own milk is unavailable. The Milk Bank’s first priority is to serve hospitalized infants, but thanks to our generous milk donors, we often serve infants who can be treated at home or bridge gaps in breastfeeding. *In the event milk inventory becomes limited, The Milk Bank follows national triage standards based on medical need.* 

The Milk Bank offers three convenient options for receiving PDHM for your infant:

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Families can purchase up to 40 ounces per transaction from a convenient Milk Express site. Families who require a larger quantity are encouraged to contact us, to ensure Milk Express sites maintain inventory to serve as many families as possible in emergent situations.

If there is not an pick-up site near you, select the direct ship option.

PDHM can be shipped directly* to families Monday-Thursday. Friday shipping may be available based on ability of family to receive delivery. *Additional shipping and handling rates apply.  

Please note: requests made after 2:30 pm will be handled the next business day.

We currently cannot ship to the following states due to state tissue licensing regulations and other restrictions: CA, MA, NY, and PA. 

The Milk Bank’s Medical Relief Fund provides free or reduced rates for PDHM and is reserved for infants with a medical need for human milk whose families are facing financial hardship. This program is limited to families residing in Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri. Additional documentation from the family and the infant’s healthcare provider are required for approval.

Please contact our Outpatient Specialist or call 317-536-1670 for more information or if you have an urgent need for donor milk.

If you have any urgent questions or experience issues with the online application/ordering process, please call 317-536-1670.

Start the process here

By completing the form online, it will automatically be submitted to us.

If you would like a PDF version of the form please contact us at 317-536-1670 or email outpatient@themilkbank.org.

For any questions, please call The Milk Bank directly

To receive milk:
  • Complete the Outpatient Recipient Form.
  • For pick up at a Milk Express: After completing the Outpatient Recipient Form above, pay online via the secure online platform. A receipt will be emailed to you; show that to the staff at your chosen Milk Express site!
  • For direct shipping: Skip the online payment page and call 317-536-1670. Shipping is typically available Monday-Thursdays, and any requests made after 2:30p ET will be handled the next business day.
  • If you are applying for our Medical Relief Fund: Skip the online payment page and call 317-536-1670. Be sure to mention if you have an urgent need for milk! The approval process typically takes at least 1-2 business days, but we will do our best to accommodate urgent needs.

Don’t lose the benefits of human milk – review our proper storage and handling guidelines!

We also want you to be aware of our Notice of Privacy Practices – please review and let us know if you have any questions.

If we can support you in any way please do not hesitate to reach out by calling 317-536-1670 or emailing outpatient@themilkbank.org.